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Business Consulting Services in India


MakeMaya's process and business consulting services enables you to transform your business and help you accelerate your pace of business.


Organizations are constantly seeking to redesign business plans to make better user experience and engagement, consolidate collaboration and social, create a shared service, improve operational efficiencies, re-invent business models and lowering down costs.


MakeMaya partners with you to form a shared service center and make it operational. We support you to analyze your existing business processes for Marketing, Website, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Human Resources, Master Data Management, Finance etc. and suggest best practices to meet desired business goals and service level agreements.

Defining End Goals

MakeMaya conducts workshops and our experts work closely with your management, business and technology persons to reach the key objectives and business goals.


Analysis and Design

We evaluate your existing business plans and business models in depth, together with the supported technology and detailed findings also recommend best practices that could be more relevant for your brand, in line with your culture.

Technology Recommendations

We examine multiple technologies as we are always surrounded by new evolving technologies and recommend the best support for your to-be process together with a detailed vendor evaluation with differentiations.

On-going Support

MakeMaya partners with you to make this transform an eternal attribute in your business and have it embedded as a module of your business process.

Change Management

We also work with your teams to determine an incentive structure, communication channels and messages to initiate your team and help them adapt the new process and emerging technology.