Diversity refers to the existence of variations in characteristics within a given setting. These characteristics on an individual level can be cognitive skills and personality traits, etc. On a much broader level, they could be the things that shape our identity- race, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation & cultural background, etc.

Inclusion, on a much simpler level, can be described as an all-embracing societal ideology. It’s a practice to ensure that different characteristics feel a sense of belonging and support from the group.

Diversity In The Workplace

You can describe this in a simple manner to have a diverse team of people in a workplace that’s reflective of the society in which it exists and operates.

However, determining “Diversity” in a workplace is not as simple as it might sound. This is mainly because diversity in itself is a broad term that incorporates all of the elements that make individuals unique from one another. However, most of us subconsciously take only a few social categories such as gender, race, age, etc. into account while defining Diversity.

You see, there are many visible and invisible elements that make individuals diverse from one another. However, a broad classification can help companies to define what diversity means to them, and also provide them the measurable metrics to set goals and make concrete efforts in that direction.

  • Used often with Diversity, Inclusion is a concept of its own. Inclusion in the workplace is a collaborative, supportive, and respectful environment in which all individuals are treated fairly and respectfully, have equal access to opportunities and resources and can participate & contribute fully to the organization’s success

Inclusion In The Workplace

Transforming to an agile operating model

The concept of diversity & inclusion has continued to gain traction in the corporate world as its benefits have become increasingly clear as many employees have made it a deciding factor for choosing their employer.

Further, it has been proven that Diverse and inclusive companies drive innovative results. So even if this shaping up of diversity and inclusion programs and policies of your organization gets challenging, it is way rewarding.

Sabrina Clark, associate principal at SYPartners, a consultancy that specializes in organizational transformation says “Research shows that even just the presence of physical diversity results in better performance and for companies that are data-driven, that extra performance boost can be extremely motivating.”

She further adds “It’s also the fact that companies that lack diversity are being called out publicly, and may even be losing business, not to mention falling behind when it comes to recruiting. Even Google is starting to show signs that their lack of diversity is affecting them.”

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