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The pandemic has shaped the way many businesses used to operate, Banking & Financial Services is among them.

  • Strict regulations
  • Fierce competition
  • Rapidly changing consumer needs
  • Rising Expectations

As a result of which, the financial institutions are now forced to implement best Banking IT services to match their customers’ expectations and keep them on-board. This would not only gain them the Loyalty of the customers but also improve the functional efficiency and also ensure that they are in compliance with the regulations.

How Does Digital Solutions Help?

There are several benefits Banks & Financial Institutions can have from Digital Transformation. Some of them are:

  • Gaining Trustworthiness Online
  • Easy & Cheap Customer acquisition
  • Curate & deliver Personalized Offerings
  • Enables Innovation & Adaptability

The Digital Transformation has become a race among many giants and the more quickly you adapt, the more you stay ahead from the competition.

Achieve your Digital Goals with MakeMaya

Makemaya helps you with banking IT services that transform existing processes, channel delivery and operational models. This way you can achieve:

  • Personalized customer interactions
  • Faster delivery of products and services
  • Improved workforce collaboration
  • Increased ROI
  • Real-time data analysis

Banking has always been about driving innovation and improving customer satisfaction. However, recently the term Innovation has recently undergone refinement and it's not related only to physical services anymore but includes digital services as well.

Other Use Cases

Sony Bank

The Japanese bank decided to go for a single platform for data management. This helped the employees to offer personalized financial services to the customers as per their needs & lifestyle.

Societe Generale

Whether it’s a high-level user-security model Dynamic Cryptograms or Digital for All program to bring cultural shift within the organization, the french bank has gained recognition for implementing innovative digital solutions into their business.

American Express

An article by The Financial Brand dictates the following “good things” about their tech that make AmEx a top choice in customers- Simple & Quick onboarding, Compatibility, Third Party Plugins integration, and Using Data effectively.

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