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The Energy & utility enterprises have so many challenges in hand, like:

  • Adapt to shift in user preferences
  • Comply with regulations
  • Mitigate risks of unforeseen events
  • Distributed generation and complex grids

The country's demographic profile is becoming younger, and it requires utilities to adopt a digital-first approach to attract, engage, and retain customers.

How Does Digital Solutions Help?

This tech-savvy generation wants everything to be served at their fingertips, track their usage for cost-effective tariff plans and expects self-service capabilities.

  • Build renewable energy plants
  • Reduce downtime
  • More accurate forecasts of weather & market
  • Optimize the engineering & construction of new renewable sources & plants

However, Digital Transformation brings its own unique set of challenges. Data breach, streamlining workflow and aligning demand with supply are among those challenges.

Achieve your Digital Goals with MakeMaya

The digital approach of many energy companies doesn’t align with the unique challenges respective to their industry. Hence, they have failed to achieve substantial business value from digital. With our expertise, we help you determine the correct approach, and with the implementation of the following tech, we help you to create business value:

  • IoT
  • Digital twin technology
  • Smart energy as a part of smart city
  • Distributed energy resources
  • Blockchain and smart contracts

However, breaking that inertia is not as easy as it seems and will require far bolder action than the companies have taken to date. Commitment is the key to digital transformation.

Other Use Cases

Accelerate time to market

Reducing time in innovation and implementation with tools to segment the market and customize energy offerings helps the energy companies to increase speed to market.

Workforce management

Cloud solutions are a great way to unite all vendor and partner data for delivering the right & fast solutions to the customers. For example, companies hiring 3rd party vendors with few inputs.

Bad debt reduction

Predictive analytics of consumers’ payments with applied cognitive solutions can help to reduce non-payment cases. Companies can proactively reach out to such customers and suggest low-range plans, etc.

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