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Cyber Security
Data is the currency of the digital age, and that makes Business Data more vulnerable than ever before.

Hence, the importance of cybersecurity can’t be denied. Makemaya’s cyber security services safeguards your clients’ valuable & confidential information, and efficiently operate your business.

Cyber Security services
Stay up-to-date, and

Secure your precious data

Capability of swiftly analyzing the large data sets and tracking down the cyber threat to variety makes AI and machine learning the widely adopted information security measures.

Drawing data from past experiences & present trends, these technologies are able to learn & improve real-time, and pinpoint the variety of attacks- from malware menaces to shady behavior that might result in phishing attacks.

Detect malware, run pattern recognition, and spot abnormalities by using sophisticated AI algorithms.

Detect New Threats

Battle Bots

Distinguish between good bots (like search engine crawlers), bad bots, and humans using AI & ML.

Through a repeated training process, establish a baseline of behavior for the endpoint.

Better Endpoint Protection

Cybersecurity is

The Need of the Hour

Even at an individual level, cybersecurity is much-needed to protect all categories of data - sensitive information, health information, intellectual property, personally identifiable information, etc.- from theft and damage.

At business level, it reduces both the inherent risk and residual risk driven by increasing global connectivity and wide adoption of cloud services, such as AWS , to store sensitive & valuable personal information.


Win the trust & confidence of your customers/clients with the best-in-class data security.

Gain Customers’ Confidence

Protect Your Business

Stay up-to-date with the latest cybersecurity measures to prevent your valuable information from getting stolen.

Don’t let the productivity halt because of downtime or any other cyber security breaches.

Increased Productivity

Cyber Security Services Provider in India

Cybersecurity- The Future

As the world gets more & more digital, the businesses around the world would be at constant risk. With adwares, ransomwares, and spyware getting common, who knows what the future holds.To protect your business from these attacks, you need to be on toes with your cybersecurity.

Traditional security measures - multi-factor authentication, employing a risk-based approach, backup your data, real-time data visibility, etc. - are slowly fading away. With our AI & ML based cyber security services, stay steps ahead all the time.

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