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Digital Branding
As a full house digital company, we create and define the name, logo, theme, visual identity and the global vision of your brand. Your brand identity is what makes you instantly identifiable to your customers.

We perform the art of driving consumer action through brand interaction and experiences globally. Your identity is a pool of all elements that the company creates to portray the right persona of it to the consumer.

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Navigate your way through digital-traffic

In today’s business environment when every business is digital, staying up-to-date with the latest tech and optimizing it to it’d fullest not only helps distinguish yourself from the competition but can also be a leading factor for a great customer experience. Not to mention the agile approach when switching between the strategies.

Thorough market research and analysis help us to determine the requirement and the feature needed for the app.

Market Research


We work with a brand in a hands-on way to outline their objectives as well as their short and long term goals. Then we bring them to life.

We mindfully craft multichannel marketing strategies that keep your goals, your audience, your objectives in mind.

Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Services

What Do Digital Marketing Services Entail?

Digital marketing, though seems simple on the surface, acts as an umbrella for several unique, distinct digital marketing factors. In simpler terms, it’s a culmination of online & digital marketing efforts- this typically falls under the categories of electronic devices, internet, search engines, email, social media, and more. It can be compared to traditional inbound marketing in a way that digital marketing objectives are to create captivating, comprehensive strategies that capture, engage, and convert a brand's target audience in real-time.

From messaging to optimizing creative assets and everything in between, we connect your brand to what matters to you the most your customers.



Agility is the core of optimization. We understand this and design campaigns that can be optimized and improved as per the new findings.

When you team up with Makemaya, you get an enhanced, data-driven, and future-proof approach to your marketing

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Always agile and Research-driven

We put your story in such a way that it can be viewed through all kinds of constantly changing lenses. With our eyes always on the horizon, we pivot at a moment’s notice.

A lot of research and an expert approach goes into understanding your audience, so you’re always one step ahead of your competition and earn the spotlight. And guess what? Our team does exactly the same for you.

agile and Research-driven

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