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Internet of Things (IOT)
By 2025, there’ll be more 55.7 billion connected devices in the marketplace, with 75% of them connected to an IoT platform. -International Data Corporation (IDC)

Makemaya helps you make your business more efficient and adaptable than ever before through the implementation of technologies such as remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, and digital twins.

Internet of Things (IOT)
Internet of Things (IOT)

For Business

With our sophisticated technology, you can collect data on consumers’ behavior, processes, and other conditions. Possibilities of IoT are numerous- many IoT devices can take corrective or improve actions, or otherwise use this data to enact some kind of change.

With all the talk about the IoT-connected devices, you must be wondering, “How does IoT affect business?” And answer to this is, “In every way.”

We collect and analyse big data for insights on key metrics for your business.

Understand big data

Better understanding

Understand each stage of customers’ purchasing cycle for personalized offerings.

Expand your presence among both the consumers and employees

Expand your presence

With Internet of Things

Transform Your Business

Our IoT algorithms enable you to monitor crucial processes by recording and transferring data, gather new insights, increase efficiency, and make more informed decisions.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) market would cross the $176 billion mark by 2022, as per a new report by Market Research Engine. Let’s understand how IoT is currently transforming business strategies and operations elsewhere.

IoT algorithms

Understand your customers better and innovate accordingly to improve the customer experience.

Customer Excellence

Cost & Downtime Reductions

Perform predictive maintenance and proactive operations.

Prepare for the supply chain disruptions to improve efficiencies.

Asset tracking

IoT-The Future

IoT- The Future

According to Statista, the worldwide IoT market revenue is projected to cross $1 trillion by 2030. And these are not just made-up numbers but predicted based on how the businesses around the world are leveraging IoT technology.

With voice-powered technologies, data tracking, cybersecurity, internet telephony, patient health monitoring & virtual medical care, our tech & expertise help you untap the potential of IoT.

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